Build Your App

Your Vision Builder Playbook

Whether a sprint or multiple month build, we follow these same 9 steps. These steps ensure that you get what you want.

For long-lasting projects, we typically break the project up and take you through these steps iteratively.

There is a communication plan enveloping all that we do so that you are always engaged in what is happening and in control of the outcome.

Nine Steps to Your Vision

Our 9-step process is composed of 3 phases that build upon each other as we move from the abstract to awesome.

Phase 1 - Discover

The Discover phase puts up guardrails that focus our efforts in design.

Phase 2 - Design

In phase 2, things start really getting interesting!

Now we’re crafting how everything works together.

Phase 3 - Deploy

Metaphorically, here’s where we get out the hammer and chisel and sculpt your artistic expression of awesomeness that you are bringing into the world.

Go Live!

After this, depending upon your goals, you’ll likely be ready to reveal this creation onto the world. We’re here to support you through that and beyond, at your discretion.

You probably have some questions, and we've no doubt left out some details.

Would you like to learn how this process can help you achieve your vision of the future? Click the button below and schedule a time to discuss.