So What Is An Internal Product?

  • Your business is a framework for developing value
  • Your internal products orchestrate and deliver that value
  • Your people work within those internal products
  • Your internal products are predetermined actions, either designed purposely or haphazardly evolved
  • The better your internal products the better your use of scarce or expensive resources (e.g., human resources)

When Scale Happens

Well run internal products makes scaling your business possible

Deploy, document, optimize and refine your internal products

Connect interrelated internal products and make execution dead simple

Establish controls that make monitoring and improvement a daily habit

Internal products Multiply Your Leadership

You work too hard to get the results you want.

Internal Products multiply leadership - before
Internal Products multiply leadership - after

Software Prophets are experts at implementing your vision. We understand and embrace - quickly.

  • Reduce management time and achieve more

  • Redeploy workers to strategic activities

  • Spend time on business growth

Your Business - Full Control

Never let a critical task get missed again.

Alert management when time critical tasks are at risk. No customer left behind.

Ensure that tasks are done in the best way possible. Eliminate unneeded steps and squash routine and wasteful reinventing of how a task is performed.

Easily transition one employee to another. Cross-train and on-board new employees or swap out contract staff while maintaining productivity.

Stop wasting time managing and helping people do routine tasks. Get back time you can spend growing your business.

Predictable and Measurable Results

Gain visibility into all of the work of your company

Ruler - Measure results
  • Measure and report sales far back into the process before the P&L reports poor results

  • Find out and know precisely, and immediately what everyone is working on

  • Assign and measure goals for staff and tie rewards to performance

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