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Some thoughts about the business behind building software applications, how software is designed and developed, things to look out for and many related topics

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7 Steps to Creating a Web Application

Using an iterative development approach is the way that most web applications are created these days. We explore 7 steps, in detail, to creating a web application.


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When to Use Microservices and When Not

Microservices are a great way of constructing software applications in some contexts, versus the typical monolithic approach. With it, developers can split an application into separate autonomous services that can be independently developed, deployed and scaled with ease. Microservices offer greater flexibility when it comes to language, frameworks and scalability. When is it best to use microservices?


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10 Tips for Selecting a SaaS Software Development Agency

Picking the correct SaaS developer or agency for your project, can be difficult. You get it wrong, and you end up paying a lot more, your project takes longer or worse. This article covers 10 tips that are generally not called out, but can save you a lot of heartache, time, and money.


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Prototyping a SaaS App

The prototype is a key element in reducing risk. It takes time, but less time and money than it takes programming the wrong thing. Iterate over different designs, get feedback and get it right the first time. Make those first MVP customers happy. They’ll stay and refer you and give you business growth.


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What is a Proof of Concept (POC) in SaaS Development?

Building a SaaS product without testing the market is as financially risky as building a skyscraper on a mountainside. Skip the proof of concept test at your own peril.


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Accidental Complexity

Oops! You didn’t see it coming and then suddenly things are more complicated than you expected. Without the right process, you’ll spend thousands of dollars more than needed to build a software application. By doing this, you can avoid making this mistake.


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Paper Prototype

A paper prototype simulates using an application, or feature of an application, without first developing the application. Using a paper prototype can save a tremendous amount on development costs.