Our New Name is Software Prophets

Thank you for your interest in Outfast Source. Please note that our name is now Software Prophets.

Why the Name Change?

In 2007, when the company got its start, we had a different focus. We’re really excited about our new focus. We’ve learned the best ways to help companies achieve their goals and our new name helps to communicate the advances in our capability. A prophet has a special knowledge that others don’t have, and that is an accurate depiction of our situation. Our superpower is understanding your needs and then designing software that captures exactly what you need.

Internal Products

Did you know that your company has internal products? It’s true, companies have internal products, which allow you to produce results needed to produce the external products and/or services that your customers need.

We’re committed to seeing companies produce better internal products, which will help support companies in ways most don’t realize. We’re on a mission to share these benefits and, ultimately, the improvements that can come to companies that realize improved internal capabilities.

More Than a Clever Name

Internal products is the name we give to the efforts your company makes, internally, to create results you need to generate each day. We can help your company improve in all kinds of areas, like:

  • Customer retention
  • Effort reduction in the area of management
  • Employee retention
  • Visibility into daily metrics
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Governance and compliance of certification and legal requirements
  • Documentation of internal products
  • Optimization of internal products

Software Prophets - Building On Success

An Internal Product represents a limited scope work output. You have them throughout your company, and some are benefiting your company while others are dragging it (and probably you) down. We can help with that.

We’re building on the success and learning of well over a decade, and we’re ready to help you.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Your business needs to run with a minimum of your involvement.

We help agency owners achieve this with software applications like ClickUp.