We help agency owners use productivity software, like ClickUp, to grow their agency.

Implementing your vision in systems tailored to your business to ensure the right work is being done at the right time, but with less of your time enabling you to grow your business.

Using general purpose software, we build specific results.

Automate repetitive tasks

Employee Satisfaction:
Measured and rewarded results

30, 60 and 90 day transformations

Reduced Risk:
Your strategy in software

Customer Satisfaction:
Predictable results that stimulate growth

Reduced Complexity:
Replace clunky applications

Tie into other software applications

Our Business Growth Process

A 9-Step Process in 3 Phases


your business improvement initiative, business strategies and scope


your company's operations - processes you want in your company


the plan for change that produces company adoption

What Other Say About Us

My business partners and I came to Software Prophets with a high-level design for a workflow application we wanted to build. There was an immediate understanding of what we wanted to achieve, a clear path of how to get there and guidance and support all along the way.


Robert Johnson


Your ability to solve difficult business problems with software are among the best I’ve seen and I’ve been around software development most of my career.


Eric Staedt

Jet Forecasting

Software Prophets works with you, listening to what you want and then working relentlessly to achieve it, even things that seem at first to be very difficult or impossible.


Todd Redenshek

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We help agency owners achieve this with software applications like ClickUp.